NTX Progressive Spring 2018 Fundraiser /Raffle

Every $25 buys chance at great prizes!
These may be our best gifts ever! Join the #resistance and help keep this great source of news and event promotion going!

   We provide a free weekly e-newsletter to thousands and thousands of North Texans that includes information on all liberal, progressive and Democratic events and actions in North Texas. We help promote actions and marches like the recent #marchforourlives in  newsletter and on Twitter.
 No one does what we do and we've done it since 2005. We need your support to continue our work. The North Texas Progressive newsletter has been working hard to keep progressives of North Texas informed for 12 years and we've produced more than 600 free weekly newsletters. Many folks are quitting Facebook and an old fashioned secure once a week newsletter is a great alternative to having ALL your activities profiled by Facebook!!!

America again:re-becoming the greatness we never weren't by Stephen Colbert
From the left: a life in the crossfire by Bill Press **brand new hot off presses
Buyers remorse: how Obama let progressives down by Bill Press

Non- autographed
The defining moment: FDR s hundred day and the triumph of hope by Jonathan Alter

We really need your help, because there are costs to produce the newsletter which must be met. This is our only way to raise these funds.
Please help! We don't whine every week about needing money, we NEVER send you begging emails.  We also NEVER turn any progressive group/club away when they ask us to help advertise and promote their events. (Multiples of $25 for more chances to win)
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Questions ? Want to mail a check? northtexasprogressive@gmail.com