Vote by mail Texas application- print

You can download and print out this form [pdf]! Hand them out! Get them to every person you know 65 years download here

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Texas is not a Red state. It's a nonvoting state wanting a reason to vote

Truest thing I’ve heard about Texas in LOONNGG time..


It doesn't matter whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Green, or a member of any other party. Many have died in order to provide every Texan, every American, the right to vote.

Many consider Texas a Red state. There has been much talk about Texas becoming a purple state or even a blue state, but Texas will be neither if most of its citizens are not voting. To believe that a Texas that suddenly starts voting will make it a Purple or Blue state is wishful thinking. Demographics is not necessarily probative. Making the case that any specific demographic would do better if they vote is the answer.

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Confirmed: Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Are In The Tank

·  Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX: WBAP-AM is 18th/30 Cumulus


After the hounds of Limbaugh hell were unleashed this week, I thought it might be worth spending some time checking into what's going on with his radio show. I'm pleased to report that he's doing even worse than I expected. Read on


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